It’s About Chocolate Cake

A few years ago a friend reached out to me that I had not seen in a long long time. She was turning 40 and wanted to celebrate. Her idea was that we go cruising through the Greek Isles. So we formed a small group of ladies, booked a cruise, grabbed our sunhats and the adventure began.

I asked my sister to join, my friend reached out to some of her aquaintances. And before we knew it, we had a merry (and very excited) band of woman packing to go cruising. Our group was a fabulous mixed bunched, some of us knew each other, others didn’t, some were married, other’s were not. We were all on different paths; I was forging a new avenue of business for my company, my friend (who’s birthday was coming up), was frustrated with work and wanted to get away and celebrate her 40th with something special, my sister was a mom of teenagers and our fourth traveller was taking a sabatical from work.

When I look back at those days, I smile ~ We got lost in Venice, somewhere in Kusadasi a leather merchant called us the “Golden Girls”. We ate too much baklava, bought too many souveniers, swam in our clothes in Crete and ate the most delicious baked fish in Dubrovnik.

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But, what I most remember about that trip...

Was sailing on the Adriatic, sipping champagne at sunrise and eating chocolate cake to celebrate my friend’s birthday...

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